Buying process

  • Start by calling, texting, or emailing about your interest. Communicate with the breeder who will help match you up with the right puppy.

  • After identifying your puppy read the contract terms & conditions. (See sample located at the bottom of this page.)

  • When you are ready contact us as to the availability of your choice and if available place your deposit and sign contract. 

  • On the designated date pick up your puppy and pay final payment.

  • Puppies can be shipped as necessary for an additional cost at the breeders discretion.   

Sample Contract

Convenient Payment Methods

Deposits can be made by:

  • Using Zelle through your bank or by following the link here. 

  • Using your Debit or Credit card through the website store on the DEPOSIT page. If using this method please add 3% or $15 to your $500 deposit amount. 

  • Full payment is expected at the time of delivery with final payment options including cash or credit card with an additional 3% on the balance due.